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… or tell me to go for it?

I managed to get the cardigan back on the needles after the tear-back, though it did take some doing. I know the wise thing to do would be to swatch it, but I don’ t have any more of the yarn that’s not attached to the sweater already and… well… I don’t want to?

I have a really good idea of how I’m going to proceed… I bet it’ll work… should i just go for it? Or am I going to be right back here complaining in a week’s time?

I hate swatching!


So I finally did it.

I ripped the Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi back to the very beginning of the sleeves. I think I’ve got the cables on the needles straight (I hope?) and I’m going to give it another go. I think I know what I need to do… I think.

Okay, I’m a little scared. If I’m smart, I’ll swatch.

Wish me luck.

(PS – the first Bird in Hand mitten is almost finished! Made much faster due to the purchase of a Chart Keeper from Knitpicks… very smart purchase indeed.)

I’m down-and-out with a cold today – you know, it’s been at least a year since I’ve had one? I’m not sure if I was doing something right or if the universe just decided to cut me a break, but it was nice. So nice, I don’t even really mind being sick now. An extra day on the sofa was exactly what I needed.

Baby Yours has been finished for a while, but I haven’t posted because I decided to try a set of Saartje’s Booties to match.


This project has completely dominated me. I knit the first one just fine, and despite the seemlingly endless yarn ends (one bootie boasts EIGHT ends to weave in. EIGHT) the cuteness factor made it worthwhile. The second went very, very wrong. I blame it on all the bus-knitting, but I managed to leave out ten rows (TEN… in a pattern that’s only about 30 rows long to begin with). Once I finally finished fiddling with the little straps I looked down and realized this bootie would fit my pinky finger. Oops.

Luckily I had enough yarn to try again, so I cast on this morning and all was going well. I cast off, made the first sole seam, picked it up to compare it to the first one and… well, wouldn’t you know it. Despite being certain I’d followed the pattern correctly this time, it’s a full two rows longer than it’s mate. So either I did it wrong this time, or the first one was wrong all along. Gah! I suppose that’s a minimal difference, but I’m anal and it’s enough to make me throw in the towel.

I don’t want to knit a fourth bootie. I’m done.

Saarjes (Failed) Booties in Dream in Colour Smooshy

Saarje's (Failed) Booties

One thing to keep in mind while knitting: it’s supposed to be FUN.

The sweater, on the other hand, turned out quite cute and without many complaints. I think it could be a tad longer, but I sacrificed that in order to be anal about start/finish of the cable. I also think the buttonband should be wider – I’ll try to remember that next time I take on this project.

Baby Yours by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Baby Yours by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Dream in Colour Smooshy in Petal Shower

Dream in Colour Smooshy in Petal Shower

Also, I think this pattern is so much cuter in pink than it was in the green I used last time.

Not sure what I’m up to next… I still have mittens, scarf and sweater to finish – but we’ll see. To be honest, life’s a little full right now, I might have to focus my attention elsewhere for a few weeks.

Well, clearly my attention already is elsewhere. So I might as well stop punishing the innocent yarn.

I’ve been busy!

I’m working away at the 9-5, starting up a new business venture (sssh), taking photography, trying to be a good fiance/friend/sister/daughter/granddaughter… I never feel like I have enough time, but there’s nothing I’m willing to give up. So knitting/blogging aren’t taking the number one position right now, but I’m trying!

I’ve finished the socks, and the baby sweater, as well as a pair of fingerless mitts and another on the needles. I’m working on the scarf, and I’m desperate to start my lace shawl project… and I haven’t had the time to photograph anything.

I was also hoping to start video blogging, just for the fun of it… but I can’t seem to get my computer to recognize my camera. This might be a little beyond my techno-skills. We’ll see.

The point is… stay tuned. There will be much more to see in the coming weeks.

Raglan Baby Sweater with Fully Fashioned Shaping by Debbie Bliss

Raglan Baby Sweater with Fully Fashioned Shaping by Debbie Bliss

Just needs buttons.

I made a big error in the seaming, or rather, the preparation for seaming. The necessary fix was to pull more of the sweater into the seams, resulting in a smaller sweater.

I hope this baby is very tiny.

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page.

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page.

I have a knitting injury.

For the past few weeks, one of the knuckles on my right pinky finger has been bothering me. The one closest to my palm. I’m not sure why, as my pinky does the least amount of work?

I’m suddenly freaked out by this, as my family has a pretty awful history of arthritis. I’m not succumbing to hypochondria, only remembering how annoying life seems like it can be when your hands won’t work properly.

So, after I put the last side seam in the baby sweater today, I’m going to put down the knitting.

Until knit night on Thursday, anyway.

I’ll reevaluate after that.

Stay tuned though – I may have to stop knitting for a spell, but there’s no way I’ll stop typing anytime soon.

My knitting goal for the next two weeks is to finish the scarf.

It may get quiet around here for a while.

Before I buckle down, though, I need to finish up my current project: the baby sweater.

Raglan Cardigan with Fully Fashioned Shaping by Debbie Bliss

Raglan Cardigan with Fully Fashioned Shaping by Debbie Bliss

Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash - 001 & 003

Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash - 001 & 003

I’m in love with this yarn, which is really confusing because I wasn’t a huge fan of their 1824 wool. I’m not sure if there’s a significant difference between the two, other than weight? I’m thinking it’s more likely due to the fact that I’m achieving a looser gauge and using bamboo needles instead of metal.

Regardless, it is the most ridiculously soft yarn I’ve worked with in a while.

I’m so excited to finish this one and gift it. Which, I suppose, means it’s time to stop typing and start seaming.

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page.

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page.

Reading last night’s post, I feel sort of bad.

I don’t hate the sweater. I think it’s very cute. I’m also quite proud I could complete it. I’m just tired of making it, that’s all.

If I was ever to make it again, I would like to see if I could modify the pattern to set in the arms somehow. I would also like to do a better job on the cables (smoother) and the bind off (looser).

I just need to make some adult stuff now. I’m sure that will make me yearn for the quickness and simplicity of baby knits!

The Baby Yours is finally, totally finished. The seaming was a breeze, but wow, do I dislike sewing on buttons. Luckily, last time I was at Dressew I picked up a handy little notion called a button clamp. Definitely the smartest two dollar purchase I’ve made in a while (a good illustration can be found here.)

Pretty cute, despite all the annoyance.

Pretty cute, despite all the annoyance.

Overall, I’m a bit on the fence about this one. Lying flat, I’m not a huge fan of the blocky garter stitch shoulders. I think perhaps I’m more of a raglan fan than I realized. That said, it might look infinitely cuter when worn. I’m hoping all the little things about it that bug me will smooth out with blocking, but regardless, it’s a very sweet pattern.

I’m thinking it might be too small for the baby it was intended for – I’ll have to try it on her at Christmas and see. If not, I’ll have to find another wee one to gift it to.

I really need to stop focusing so much on the end result and just enjoy the process – that said, not every project can be your favourite. I’m happy to move on to greener pastures.

But, I should give the sweater its due. Thanks for the challenge, Baby Yours.

Baby Yours by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, in Estelle Arequipa

Baby Yours by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, in Estelle Arequipa

Now to find a baby to wear it...

Now to find a baby to wear it...

I had high hopes of finishing Baby Yours today, but halfway through my lunch hour knitting session I ran out of yarn. I had been worried this would happen, not because of a yarn shortage (I have another skein) but because of yarn windage (I never remember to ask them to do it for me at the store).

So tonight, rather than knitting the button band and the ONE REMAINING INCH on the second sleeve,  I wound a ball of yarn. I’m not entirely sure how long it’s supposed to take a person to wind 400 metres of sock yarn, but it took me about an hour and a half. I’m thinking this is a little longer than normal?

Arequipa - 1/4 wound (or so)

Then again, I am easily distracted.

I wish I knew the proper etiquette in a local yarn store – if you purchase a skein of yarn, is it standard practice for them to wind it for you? What if you buy, say, six skeins at the same time? Will they wind all six? Are you allowed to use the ball winder and swift yourself? Because it sure is awkward standing there while they do it. I feel like I should tip them or something… but that seems like the wrong thing to do, so instead I thank them profusely. Probably more than is really comfortable.

Regardless, even when I’m only buying one skein, I always seem to forget to ask.

I suppose this is why some prolific knitters invest in a ball winder/swift – but my yarn habit (or lack thereof) doesn’t warrant that. Not to mention, I have no idea where I’d store it in my little one bedroom apartment. There’s a distinct lack of, well, storage.

So for now, it’s just me, my thumb, and a wooden spoon.

Arequipa - 3/4 wound (or so)

Arequipa - 3/4 wound (or so)

Arequipa - wound!

Maybe I’ll finish Baby Yours tomorrow.