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I’ve been busy!

I’m working away at the 9-5, starting up a new business venture (sssh), taking photography, trying to be a good fiance/friend/sister/daughter/granddaughter… I never feel like I have enough time, but there’s nothing I’m willing to give up. So knitting/blogging aren’t taking the number one position right now, but I’m trying!

I’ve finished the socks, and the baby sweater, as well as a pair of fingerless mitts and another on the needles. I’m working on the scarf, and I’m desperate to start my lace shawl project… and I haven’t had the time to photograph anything.

I was also hoping to start video blogging, just for the fun of it… but I can’t seem to get my computer to recognize my camera. This might be a little beyond my techno-skills. We’ll see.

The point is… stay tuned. There will be much more to see in the coming weeks.


I’m almost done my first pair of socks!

Plain Vanilla Sock pattern by Keri McKiernan

Plain Vanilla Sock pattern by Keri McKiernan in Estelle Arequipa (209)

Like I mentioned last night, I just have to Kitchener the toe and then they’ll be finished (after many months of hibernation.)

Now the question: What to do with them?

I think the reason I lost my steam on this project is simply that I have no interest in the finished product. Nine times out of ten I’d rather be barefoot. I’m well known for pulling off my socks and leaving them littered all over the apartment. I can’t stand my feet being covered while I’m sleeping, especially – if I try to wear socks in bed I invariably pull them off in my sleep.

Of course, I do wear socks with shoes, but I’m a fan of the plain white sport anklet variety, of which I own about 40 identical pairs so as to avoid the headache of matching. Other than a smattering of specialty socks (hiking, snowboarding) I really have no variety in my sock drawer. And I like it that way.

I see the appeal of the sock as a knitting project – small, cute, just enough difficulty to keep you interested – but unless I find a close family member or friend who expresses a deep and undying love of knitted socks I think this may be the last pair you see from me for a while.

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page

Then again, I do want to learn toe-up…