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It’s pretty hard to render me speechless, but I definitely fumbled for words upon receiving this beautiful gift tonight.

Eeee! I love surprises! Isnt it beautiful?

Eeee! I love surprises! Isn't it beautiful?

This seriously made my weekend.

A while back I participated in this little pay-it-forward type of game on Facebook. Someone offered to make something for the first five people that responded to their note. I responded, and then turned around and offered to do the same for five others, per the rules of the game.

The gift can be anything you want, as long as you make it yourself, and as long as you make it with the recipient specifically in mind. Of course, my gifts will be knitted – duh. I have the first one finished and the second on the way. I’m so excited to send them!

But one lovely lady offered a trade rather than a pay-it-forward, which was totally fine in my books. Imagine my surprise when she beat me to the punch! And with a teething baby to care for, to boot. I’m beyond impressed. Seriously, look at this work!

Travelling Fern Lace Scarf (I think?) - click for pattern page

Travelling Fern Lace Scarf (I think?) - click for pattern page

I’m thrilled. And, do you want to hear the best part? She’s in Vancouver visiting from Montreal, and couldn’t get out to deliver it, so her husband was kind enough to drive over and give it to me. Her husband who also knits/crochets. What a catch, eh?

Thanks, Rachael!