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I’ve been happily knitting away on the asymmetrical cabled cardi. Despite my problems with the pattern itself, I love the project. I’m so happy I was brave enough to make all the modifications I wanted to, and it’s turning out just as I’d hoped.



Shaping up nicely... should have knocked on wood.

So close...

But, just as I was thinking, “wow, it might really be that easy,” I realized that I’d made a very visible error in the raglan decreasing on the right sleeve. Being such a smooth and pretty decrease method, this mistake stood out like a sore thumb.

I’ve been getting a lot better about embracing errors in my work, but this would have bothered me forever. So, I bravely dropped the stitch back 12 rows or so… and then couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to pick it back up again.

Um... what?

Um... what?

If that was the only problem, I would have sat down with it tonight and muddled through, but there’s a few things about the sleeves that bug me. First, I somehow ended up with one extra stitch on one, despite looking repeatedly and not seeing any additional or omitted decreases. Second, they seem a bit tight/short.

I knew I might have troubles with this, seeing as A) my gauge is all kinds of wrong and B) the pattern, at this point, is of exactly zero help to me. So I’m thinking I might save myself the picking-up-stitches headache and just frog it back to the lifeline.

I can haz foresight?


It’s really too bad I pulled out about four inches of the lifeline out while trying the thing on. Oh well.

It’s a blessing that I really love this project, because it means I don’t really mind the thought of having to repeat all that work. I only hope that I can manage to figure out where I was in the cable pattern when I threaded the lifeline, because I wasn’t smart enough to make a note of that. I also hope that my second attempt at the decreasing works out. I’m tempted to swatch a mock-sleeve to experiment with decreasing. That might save me from myself?

So, no finished object to show off just yet. Which is really too bad, because I think the chance of my brother’s Christmas present receiving any attention is slim to none until this cardigan is finished with me.

Sorry bro! Soon! I promise!

On a lighter note: this is where y’all store your cable needles between rows too, right?

PS - this is where everyone else keeps their cable needle between rows too, right?

Handy built-in storage.