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Lately I’ve been trying to streamline and simplify my life – and one thing I’ve finally paid some attention to is my online presence.

You may not know this, but up until now I’ve been maintaining three seperate blogs… I know, silly. I felt the need to keep them specific: one for knitting, one for photography, one for everything else. But the thing is, that’s become way too much work. So I’ve finally learned how to use livejournal filters and I think it’s doable for me to put it all in one place. So that’s what I’m going to do.

What does this mean? It means that you’ll be seeing more than just knitting. However, it also means you’ll be seeing a lot more frequent updates.

Forgive the stupid site name – I’ve had this livejournal account since I was about 17 years old and still thought it was cool to have usernames that involved alcohol. I can’t be bothered to pay the $15 fee to change the name, nor can I think of anything better at this point anyway.

So, without further adieu – update your bookmarks to:

edited to reflect a rebranding at livejournal (I know, I know) but the old address will redirect to the new one, for a time.

(Although, no knitting content just yet. Sorry!)


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