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Okay, so here’s the thing: I have some serious financial goals for this year.

Why do I mention this on my knitting blog? Because I’m thinking it’s time for me to make a resolution: to only stash-knit until the stash is gone.

… yes. That’s right. I said gone.

Really, this isn’t the most ridiculous thing in the world. Here’s a link to my stash as listed on Rav (which is 100% accurate). The issue isn’t a lack of good yarn. According to my stash page, I have 14 different yarns that will make 14 (or more) complete projects. Frankly, that should keep me busy for at least a year.

I think I will have two specific problems. First: a lack of variety. I have a lot of fingering weight, and I don’t knit socks. Second: a lack of flexibility. I’m an impulsive project-starter. It’ll be hard not to go out to purchase the yarn for some project I get excited about when I’m working my way through my third lace shawl (which is my plan for the fingering weight).

The thing is, financially speaking, my biggest obstacles aren’t big at all. It’s the leaky faucet problem. Ten dollars here, twenty dollars there… and next thing you know, I’m wondering why it’s so hard for me to contribute to my emergency fund or finally start that RRSP. I’m not complaining – I’m doing quite well. But with the shaky economy and all my pricey goals for the future, it’s time to buckle down. I don’t really buy a lot of yarn (14 stashed? 14?) but it’s one small area I can control. So I’m going to.

Stash: prepare thyself.

ps: the delicious Neapolitan baby sweater is almost finished. Stay tuned!



  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! Zero stash is really my secret dream. Good luck! Your stash is quite yummy. :)

    • knitternaut
    • Posted April 11, 2009 at 04:06
    • Permalink

    One of the things you could do is set up some of the yarn for trade on Ravelry. I’m sure there are quite a few others out there that would trade you, especially for that Malabrigo sock yarn!

    I know I have a ridiculously large stash (how did that happen?!), and would be happy to trade most of what I have – I have some earmarked for projects, but I definitely have more projects than time, and always new ones queuing up (I should follow your example!). My stash probably needs some updating, but something heavier in exchange for the some fingering weight would be fine by me if you get bored with what you have.

    • katy
    • Posted April 11, 2009 at 11:26
    • Permalink

    Knitternaut – Totally a good point! I didn’t think of it because I’m actually pretty thrilled with almost all of the yarn I’ve bought, but there’s one or two colourways that I would be willing to let go of in favour or something different. I’ll see how it goes with the stash-only knitting and remember this if I get frustrated with my options.

  2. I am totally with knitterknaut – if you find a project that doesn’t suit your yarn – you could consider trading something you have now for the yarn that you need.

    Especially if your yarns are current yarns in repeatable colourways from a commercial dyer – i.e. you can always get them again if push comes to shove.

    I haven’t traded but I have destashed yarn for cash when I realised that the right project was not going to come along for some yarn (after 1-2 years of it still sitting in my stash) = impulse buys, sale bargain errors) and where I had such a bad vendor experience that by the time it arrived (6 months later and the order totally wrong), I just couldn’t use it as the whole experience had been so upsetting.

    Although I didn’t get back the full price that I paid for the yarn (the bad karma yarn proceeds went to charity, so some good did come the whole miserable affair), in fairness, it was then 1-2 years old and I got back enough to enable me to purchase different yarn that I liked and used!

    • katy
    • Posted April 13, 2009 at 06:05
    • Permalink

    Gabrielle – good point about repeatable colourways, I hadn’t thought of that either.

    I like your story about selling yarn and giving the proceeds to charity – that’s a great thing to do when the karma goes wrong. I’ve also considered gifting a skein or two, which would give me a warm, fuzzy feeling :)

    I’ll see how I feel in a month or so!

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