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So… I bought yarn.

*ducks to avoid objects being thrown in this general direction*

Malabrigo Merino Worsted - Oceanos

Malabrigo Merino Worsted - Oceanos

Friends, I have come to a great realization: the trick isn’t to avoid buying yarn. It’s to avoid the yarn store in general. D’uh. That said – I swear the universe is conspiring against me.

I take photography on Wednesday nights, and the school is in the same block as one of my favourite yarn shops. Now, this store normally closes at 6pm (around the time I would get into the neighbourhood.) But on Wednesdays? No, on Wednesdays they extend their hours to 9pm. This only started in January (same week as my class began.)

Does the universe want me to purchase yarn? Or, is this some sort of cosmic temptation test?

Truth is, I don’t care. I can generally avoid. But I decided I wanted to make a set or two of fingerless gloves (one for me, one or more as a gift) and I needed something more. And in this colourway, I ask you: who could really resist?

Malabrigo Merino Worsted - Oceanos

Malabrigo Merino Worsted - Oceanos

I’m also thisclose to being finishing the socks… I got to the end of the toe, only to realize that I’d totally forgotten how to do Kitchener Stitch. To I go…

Goodnight :)



  1. I never know how to do kitchener, I always have to go to here to guide me through it. Why is it such a difficult task to do without expert guidance. Thank god for the internet is what I can say.

    You think you have it bad with temptation. My knitting group is in my LYS! Do you know how much I have overspent on yarn this year?????

  2. That’s soooo funny as…

    …guess what keeps happenening to me on Wednesday lunchtimes?!

    So far:

    – an Elisabeth Zimmerman book
    – another bottle of Soak
    – the latest Rowan Spring-Summer 2009 (it’s awful, don’t bother with it or make an offer on mine if you like it)
    – some silky malabrigo which I have hidden in a bag so Brian doesn’t see that I have bought it!

    So, at las, I have learnt. I now walk the other way and spend too much money on a coffee and a toasted sandwich from Pane and Formaggio.

    Which at least can be covered up as a once a week, necessary spend on lunch?!

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted February 13, 2009 at 09:05
    • Permalink

    Gabrielle – LOL, I’m glad I’m not alone!

    PSST… silky malabrigo? Now I want to go back to the yarn store…

    It’s funny, because I actually keep thinking things like “I really should just knit up my stash ASAP so I can buy more yarn without feeling bad about it…”


  3. Of course the universe wants you to buy yarn!

    And who is throwing things at you? We can take care of them…… :)

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted February 14, 2009 at 09:42
    • Permalink

    Haha! I just thought you guys might give me a hard time because I’m always saying one thing and doing another :) I’m wishy-washy that way, sometimes!

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