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I decided to finally revise my knitting intentions for the year. This was a little unnecessary, seeing as I wasn’t going to hold myself to them anyway, but I wanted the list to reflect… well, my intentions.

My 2009 Knitting Intentions

1. Lace. I think I’ll start with something small, like a cowl.

2. Lace. I really, really want to make a larger shawl or stole.

3. Socks. Finish the socks.

4. Sweater. Finish my first sweater. Yes, the Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi will count for this one (if I can ever get unstuck.)

5. Sweaters. I would like to complete at least two sweaters this year, above and beyond the previously mentioned cabled cardi.

6. Mittens. I think Bird in Hand will be the first order of business.

7. TOYS! I have wanted to learn how to make these forever. I particularly like Elijah, Sheldon, and Octopus. And Jellyfish. I’ll try one and see how it goes.



  1. I admire your intentions, I have many and never write them down or they would catch me out when I fail by getting sidetracked spectacularly. I think you will have much fun with number 7, once you have your first squishy bundle of woolly cuteness, you will want to knit another straight away. I hope you know lots of kids to give them to!

  2. Intentions are good! I think it’s nice to think about what you want to learn for the year!

  3. You’re a machine! That’s a fantastic project list. I should write up my intentions as well – hell, I should blog at all!

    I have seen the Bird in Hand mittens knitted up, and they are beautiful. Kate Gilbert is a local designer in Montreal, and I think she hangs with the gang at the knitting circle I frequent. Her sample mitt sits in the store, commanding me to make more.

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    • Posted February 13, 2009 at 02:02
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    CraftyCripple – I hope you’re right! I think toys will be a fun change; cute as they are, I’m getting a little bored of baby cardigans.

    Jackie – definitely good :) I’m trying to become a better planner… I’ve always been a good dreamer, but not a practical, SMART planner, you know? I’m hoping to fall somewhere in the middle, this year.

    Rachael – Ooh, you hang with a knitting celebrity :) I’ve bought the yarn for these and I think the colours are super pretty… hopefully I’ll be able to get started on them before… well, summer.

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