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We managed to get the car off the mountain and make it home on schedule. I’m glad we chose to give ourselves a day off in Vancouver before going back to the grind – today will (hopefully) be a productive day.

I picked up my Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi again, after Christmas knits were given (despite one of them being wrapped up on the needles – I’ll explain that in a later post.) I’m really enjoying this pattern. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s really this fun to knit, or just because I’m excited to be making my first (adult) sweater. But really, when you’re having fun, does it matter why?

Click here for the Ravelry project page

Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi by Yahaira Ferreira

I just noticed last night that the pattern designer is Yahaira Ferreira, author of Sensual Knits (which my brother gave me for Christmas.) Funny coincidence. It makes me all the more excited to knit a project from the book (though I believe only one of the patterns inside was actually designed by her, but so far I like her taste.)

Cable - close up

"Double Fantasy Cable"

I’m reluctant to be too critical of patterns that are generously offered for free, but I’ve noticed an error or two in this one. The funny thing is, I’m not quite confident enough to assume I’m correct. This one in particular isn’t really a problem, it only annoys my inner editor. Knitters – please tell me if I’m crazy. Do these two instructions say the exact same thing?

(P4, K1) 4x, P4


P4, (K1, P4) 4x

If so, I’m not sure why she would write them out as seperate row instructions. Additionally, the pattern notes that the cable is “24 sts, 11 rows”… but the second (redundant?) instruction is indicated for row 12? I should note, that’s row 12 in the cable patten specifically.

Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi by Yahaira Ferreira

Cascade 220 Heathers - 2425

I’m modifying the pattern, which is a scary thing to do with your first-ever-sweater. But looking at the various finished projects on Ravelry, I was a bit concerned by the width of the smaller front section, as well as the finishing of the cabled edges. So, I added 4 stitches to the smaller side, as well as adding 2 stitches to each edge so I could use K1P1 rib instead of a simple K2 (which looked like it was wobbly/rolling in most of the finished projects.) I also chose to do it in stockinette instead of reverse stockinette, and I’m following the instructions for two sizes larger than my measurements, due to gauge issues.

Here’s hoping praying it fits.

Cascade 220 Heathers - 2425

Click here to visit the Ravelry project page



    • preita
    • Posted December 28, 2008 at 11:45
    • Permalink

    beautiful color! I’m sure it’s going to be stunning once you are done! :)

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted December 28, 2008 at 17:33
    • Permalink

    I hope so! I’m unexpectedly nervous, what do I do if it doesn’t fit? LOL.

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