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We hopped in the car on Friday morning and traveled to my Dad’s house for the holidays. It turns out that bringing the car (a ’94 Cavalier) was a bit of a mistake, seeing as we’re staying on a mountain and we’re completely snowed in.

I’m kind of okay with that, though.

It started snowing here at the same time as it did in the city, and never melted. It snowed again mid-week last week, and started again 36 hours ago. It’s still snowing! 36 hours straight. This rarely happens here.

My brother was already here when we arrived, but he had to leave early this morning. Working in retail, he has to be in the city for both Christmas Eve and “Boxing Week” – and don’t even get me started on how I feel about the part in quotes. Dad managed to get him to the ferry terminal this morning, but couldn’t get the 4×4 back up the mountain afterward and ended up hiking back up.

Because my brother had to leave early, we celebrated Christmas yesterday. It was really nice. Everyone received really thoughtful gifts, and I managed to cook the meal without ruining or stressing about anything (at least, not after an upsetting moment when I realized I’d lost my Mom’s stuffing recipe.) The cherry on top? It was a white Christmas.

It’s impossible to rate gifts, but I have to say I was blown away by my brother’s choices for me:

Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira

Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira

Simple Knits for Little Cherubs by Erika Knight

Simple Knits for Little Cherubs by Erika Knight

He told me that he hung out in the knitting section at Chapters for about an hour browsing through the books to find the ones containing the coolest patterns. He also told me that girls kept noticing him and stopping to “help” him – which I’m sure was at least part of the motivation for taking such a long time to decide!

Expect book reviews in the New Year!

I have more to post, including recent photographs and previously-top-secret finished objects, but I can’t seem to find my laptop’s power supply. More updates once I’m up and running…

Merry Christmas!


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