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I would like to take a moment to quote myself:

After this, I will only knit things for me. I’m not sure for how long.

– bitchnstitches, November 12, 2008

This Christmas knitting thing sort of goes against that little resolution, but I don’t regret changing my mind.

Not yet, anyway.

I’m willing to wager that by Christmas Eve I may be whistling a different tune. Especially if you consider that “Christmas Eve” for my family actually falls on December 20th. Yikes.

In order to keep on schedule, I’ve started knitting on transit again. This is something that I had stopped doing. It always seems a tad uncomfortable, and there are other things I could really be doing (reading and napping come to mind.) But, time is in short supply these days, so the bus knitting has restarted.

The wheels on the bus...

The wheels on the bus...

I’m about halfway through the scarf for Dad, and just about finished the present for the boy. I have yet to start the big daunting project for my Brother (which I’m hesitant to say more about, as I’m not sure whether or not he reads this), but hopefully that will be on the go as soon as the boy’s gift is off the needles.

No project photographs for today, but a lovely knitting friend directed me to this etsy page, which may have made me choke on my orange juice. Enjoy!



  1. LOL at that calendar! That’s a great idea. :)

    Oh and I feel you on the Christmas knitting… I’ve taken on more projects than I can chew, but I’m trying my hardest to persevere. Good luck to you!

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted December 12, 2008 at 22:52
    • Permalink

    Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement :)

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