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My father is incredibly hard to shop for. He has almost everything he needs, and is reluctant to tell you what he wants. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something good, when I finally realized the answer is very simple.

Make him something.

I didn’t consider this right away because I don’t normally see my dad wearing knitted items like hats or scarves. I’ve worried about the pointlessness of making him something he might not wear. It should have dawned on me earlier that my father will appreciate anything I make especially for him, even if he might not end up using it every day.

I set about creating a simple scarf, which proved more difficult than I had planned. I tried just doing k2p2 rib, but it looked awful. I think I need to work out some tension issues, because my ribbing is significantly tighter on the right side (vs. the left). Luckily, I happened upon a simple pattern for a moss rib, which solved that problem entirely.

The process thus far:

Patons Classic Wool - my new favourite

My new favourite wool.

Ready for knitting...

Ready for knitting...

K2P2 rib - Id need a macro lens to illustrate the problem.

K2P2 rib - I'd need a macro lens to illustrate the problem.



Ribbit... or not, apparently.

Ribbit... or not, apparently.

Moss Rib

Moss Rib

One days progress...

One day's progress.

Moss Rib - close up

Moss Rib

I have so much more to post, but it’s far past my bedtime. Stay tuned.


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