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I stayed up past my bedtime last night, suddenly determined to get started on my Asymmetrical Cable Cardi. I pulled out the Knit Picks kit and grabbed the 32” cable, planning on switching it onto the size 9 needle tips I’d just finished using for the Winter Beret.

I went to unscrew the tips from the 24” cable – and nothing happened. No untwisting. Nada.


I stared down at the needles for a moment, unsure what to do. As I’ve stated many times before, these things are slippery. I couldn’t get a decent grip on them – the tips kept spinning between my fingers as I attempted to hold them steady and unscrew the cable. I was at a loss.

I tried bringing out a set of pliers, hoping they might help. Well, they helped all right. Helped scratch up my brand new shiny needle tips.

I tried hot water. I tried oil. I tried wrapping the tip in scotch tape to protect it against the sharp jaws of the pliers.


After searching the Ravelry forums, wracking my brain, and watching a little Entourage to distract myself, I decided to admit defeat and try a gauge swatch on size 8 needles instead. It came out all wrong, and I realized I was being a bit silly.

I started unscrewing the size 8 tips, to put the kit away for the night, and they came off without difficulty. And then, as I watched myself do this, it hit me: Righty tighty… lefty loosey?

I had been TIGHTENING the size 9s, rather than loosening them.

Idiot. I picked up the 9s again, and despite all the extra tightening I’d done, they still came off in the end (with a little more help from the scotch tape and the pliers.) They have a few good scratches as evidence of my stupidity, but they’re in working order.

So… disaster averted.

That’s what I get for staying up past my bedtime.



    • preita
    • Posted November 24, 2008 at 14:39
    • Permalink

    as I was reading this I started to wonder if you were screwing it the wrong way. lol. Only because I just watched someone trying to unscrew an antique flier for a spinning wheel for an hour before I finally piped up & said “didn’t they turn the thread the oppiset direction in the early 19th century?” and two seconds of screwing the other direction they came apart cleanly.

    Live & learn! LOL :D I know I’ve deffinately tried to do this with “stuck” jars before :)

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted November 24, 2008 at 16:30
    • Permalink

    If only it had been so obvious to me! LOL

    I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in this, however.

    Serves me right for staying up too late.

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