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It’s 11:45pm and I’m still in my pajamas. From yesterday. I never do that anymore.

I spent the day on the sofa, watching movies (Rudy, Love Actually) and knitting my Winter Beret. The highlight of the day was learning magic loop on the fly, in order to complete the decreases without switching needles.

Magic Loop!

Magic Loop!

I was a bit nervous for my new Knit Picks needles, seeing as they have a bit of a reputation for breaking at the joins, but they came through no problem. Next time, however, I would probably switch to the 32″ cable while doing magic loop, instead of sticking with the 24″. Live and learn.

I finished the hat tonight, and I’m so glad I did. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I shall wear it in all its slouchy Malabrigo glory. Blocking can wait.

Winter Beret in Malabrigo Worsted - Alpine Pearl.

Winter Beret in Malabrigo Worsted - Alpine Pearl.

I had to modify the original pattern by doing an extra repeat of the lace pattern in order to make the hat at all slouchy. Otherwise, it would have simply been a loose toque. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure this out until I’d already done almost all of the decreasing, so I had a fun half-hour or so of backwards knitting. Not my favourite thing in the world, but well worth it.

I’m not sure if this size issue is simply because I have a huge skull, or if its an actual problem in the pattern. I noticed some other Ravelers make the same comment… but then again, other said it was TOO slouchy.

Can’t please everyone, I guess.

I’m so excited to start my next project – an adult cardigan for myself – but I have a feeling the birthday celebrations may prohibit me from casting on until Tuesday. Stay tuned…

Night night.

Night night.

Sleep tight.

Sleep tight.

Dont let the bedbugs bite.

Don't let the bedbugs bite.


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