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It feels like winter in Vancouver now. It’s crisp out and there’s reason to wear wool.

I love it.

I woke up this morning to sunbeams and a beautiful blue sky, and I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen that. It’s been raining, raining, raining for so long. After a lazy morning, I went downtown to go for a little walk on the seawall and get some fresh air. I wandered around for a while taking pictures of the scenery, and then I sat down on a park bench to knit my first post-baby sweater project.

Post-baby sweater? Where is the baby sweater?

I’m avoiding seaming it. It’s in a bag. Don’t worry, you’ll see it… soon.


Anyway – the project is the Spring Beret (ravelry link) by Natalie Larson. I started it yesterday and by this morning I had the ribbing finished. I brought out my camera to document the progress, and wow. I really love being able to take photos during daylight. They always look so much nicer.

Sweet, sweet Malabrigo.

Sweet, sweet Malabrigo.

After taking the above photograph, I picked up the work and continued… only to drop a stitch.



Luckily, I didn’t have to knit too far back and it was easy enough to fix. Heart attack averted.

This is my first time knitting with the much-lauded Malabrigo, and I’m trying my best not to be neurotic and terrified about it. I keep thinking I’ll mess up the lace pattern and ruin the whole project, or drop more stitches. These new Knit Picks needles are awesome, but man are they slippery! This will take some getting used to.

After mending the dropped stitch, I tossed the whole business in my purse and headed down to the seawall. Knitting in the sunshine is a very, very cool thing. Unfortunately, despite having my camera with me, I didn’t think to document my work until I came home. This was extremely silly of me, considering how much I hate the lighting in this apartment.

I really must either a) do something about my lighting setup or b) develop some photoshop skills tout de suite.

Regardless, the pattern is coming out lovely and the yarn is a dream – I’m having so much fun making it, and it’s so nice to work on a project that will be done in a day or two.

Hat = Pass. Lighting = Fail.

Hat = Pass. Lighting = Fail.

Hopefully by next post I’ll have two finished projects to share.


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