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This made me laugh out loud.

(p.s. does anyone know if posting photos from websites directly into blog posts constitutes fair use?)



  1. Oh my! That is just plain horrible, though laughable!

    Oh and direct-linking to images on another site is considered bad. You are basically stealing bandwidth when you do it.

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted November 17, 2008 at 12:54
    • Permalink

    Please excuse my techno-ignorance, but do you mean to say that posting the link to their image is bad? Or posting the image so it appears on my own site?

    The internets make my head spin sometimes!

  2. *LOL* It’s not even a spoof. Wonder if there are any projects for this on Ravelry and what real people look like, um, sporting them…?!

    • bitchnstitches
    • Posted November 18, 2008 at 12:36
    • Permalink

    Lina – nm. I was having a dumb moment, I totally know what you meant now.

    Gabrielle – I know! Does anyone see that sort of thing and think, “gee, that’s the perfect project for me!”… to each their own I guess :)

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